Spring 2013 Pictures

Summer/Fall 2013 Pictures

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Hearty Salad Mix with Bok Choy, Lettuce, Chinese Cabbage, Kale, and Arugula. (12-06-2013)

Broccoli ready for the market. (01-10-2014)

Savoy Cabbage (01-10-2014)

Kale Sprouts (01-10-2014)

Spanish lavender in the spring (4-17-2014)

Bees enjoying lavender (4-17-2014)

Bees enjoying lavender (4-17-2014)

Sage flowering in the spring (4-17-2014)

Kiowa Blackberries (4-17-2014)

Kiowa Blackberries (4-17-2014)

Shallots and garlic (4-17-2014)

Lush grass and green trees the result of the wettest spring we have had in a while. (4-20-2014)

Black Krims (6-11-2014)

Black Krims (6-11-2014)

Tromboncino or Zucchetta (6-11-2014)

Trellises in spring (6-11-2014)

First flush of Heirloom Tomatoes. (6-11-2014)

These cucumbers are sooooooo good! (7-21-2014)

Treacle and Branston - No, we don't eat cucumbers. However, we love steamed kale with dinner.