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The flock fell in love with our sweet red bell peppers this year and these yolks are the result. (09/17/2013)

Seedlings in the greenhouse. (8/24/2013)

A sea of sweet potato vines.....just hope there are some potatoes under all that! (8/24/2013)

This naughty little toad has taken up residence in our greenhouse, which would be wonderful if it wasn't for his penchant for bedding down in our freshly sown seed trays. In order to gently persuade him to change his wicked ways and protect our seeds, we have given him his very own seedless soil tray on the greenhouse floor. Last night he settled down quite well and in the course of a half hour had completely buried himself in the soil. All’s well that ends well! (8/24/2013)

Fall Potatoes are going in - Desiree and Yukon Gold (7/25/2013)

Herbs are doing well even with the drought (7/25/2013)

Cucumbers, Eggplant and Amaranth - left to right (7/25/2013)

Tromboncino Squash trying to take over the garden - we keep cutting it back (7/25/2013)

Basil (7/25/2013)

Bell Peppers (7/25/2013)

Bell Peppers (7/25/2013)